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Justice: the micropolitics of relation




1. Justice is active: justice is an action by which an ethical procedure is executed

2. Justice is multiple: justice gives voice to multiple others, not just the human

3. Justice is situated: justice is enacted through a micro-politics of location

4. Justice is speculative: justice requires us to speculate beyond human experience

‘What would a world be that did not insist on human superiority or dominance and that did not disavow the human’s ecological entanglements?’ (Snaza & Weaver, 2014, p. 3)

Break  into groups and create iPad videos  in response to the following questions: 

1. What basic rights do you think all humans should have?

2.  Should these rights be extended to others such as animals, mountains and rivers?

3. How is climate change a human rights issue?

4. What would an education be like that did not insist on human superiority and dominance?



Empirical Experimentation 6.2 


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