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Affects: Vectors of feeling 





Reco(r)ding what moves you


1. Gather together at the affect [aff] cube, each with an iPad or smartphone.

2. Start recording video on your devices at exactly the same time, then begin walking in different directions.

3. As you’re walking, let the environment trigger memories of experiences which have affected or moved you.

4. Record yourself telling the stories of your memories as you walk, focusing on how the experiences affected you at the time.  

5. Return to your starting point and discuss your experiences. How did the process intersect with different times of your life? What role did the learning environment play in triggering your experience of different memories?

6. Submit the videos into the States and Territories affect [aff] archive. 

7. Edit the videos together two at a time. Experiment with diffracting multiple vectors of feeling within the same event’s unfolding.

Temporary installation by Sarah-Jane McGrath near the Affect [aff] cube (2015)


Empirical Experimentation 2.1 


Empirical Experimentation 2.2 


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